Saturday, June 30

Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day is this Sunday!  In celebration, all three Spectacle locations will be closed on Sunday, July 1st and the Yonge St. location will also be closed on Monday, July 2nd.

Try to spend some time outside enjoying our amazing country.  Take in a ball game, a camping trip, or just hang out with friends, and we'll see you next week!

Happy Canada Day

Friday, June 29

Spectacle Loves dutil.!

On June 27th, some of our Spectacle staff met up with our friends from dutil. to check out the Hoof Raw Bar restaurant!  Dutil. was co-founded by Oliver Peoples' rep Eric Dickstein and they have locations in both Toronto and Vancouver.

Tina and Eric

The dutil. team and Tina

Darren loved the food!

Mmmm, Oysters

MORE great choices!

Tina and Eric
Spectacle and dutil.

The food was amazing and the company was even better!  For more information on dutil. visit their website here

Thursday, June 28

Beautiful Balloons for a Pride Window Display!

Our Queen St. West store window is all set for the Pride weekend ahead!  We received our lovely balloons from Carol Mair at Balloon Corporate Events and the window has never been so colourful.

Carol covered in the balloons
Tina helping out!
View from inside the store

Carol in the store setting up
The finished product!

Thanks to client Carol Mair for the fantastic balloons and we hope everyone has a great Pride weekend!  Stop by the Queen St. shop and check out the amazing display.

Wednesday, June 27

Anne et Valentin Factory Ten, Eleven, and Twelve!

The Anne et Valentine Factory Ten, Eleven, and Twelve collections are now available at Spectacle Queen St.  The collection is named after and inspired by Andy Warhol's famed factory in New York City.

Andy Warhol in his Factory in NYC

The eyewear is polished and then cut on the top and along the temples again to give the frames a raw feel in these areas while the rest is smooth.  Original and rich in colour, the collection is created to be easy to wear, even in the case of the shy customer who dares not dare.

Factory Ten 1242

Factory Eleven 1027

Factory Eleven 1116
Factory Twelve 1104

The Factory collection is available now at Spectacle's Queen St. West location!

Sunday, June 24

Happy St. Jean Baptiste Day!

On June 24th, Québec residents will celebrate St. Jean Baptiste Day!  The day will be filled with parades, BBQs, patriotic speeches, and flag waving.

Children enjoy the party as much as anyone else

The day is a massive holiday in the province and it all began with the first French settlers and a bonfire along the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

Scene from the parade!

Why not enjoy a poutine for the occasion? 

Happy La Fête nationale du Québec to our neighbours to the East! 

Friday, June 22

ic! berlin Kid's Collection Comes to Spectacle!

If your kid needs eyewear then ic! berlin's children's collection may be the perfect match.  The frames offer the signature ic! berlin hinge and are tough as nails!

The Jasper

The Linus

The Christan

Kids want to be like their moms and dads and so ic! berlin modelled the frames around some of their most popular adult styles.  They are sporty and stylish and very kid-friendly!

The Mattes

The Sally

The new kid's collection is available now at the Spectacle Yonge St. location.

Wednesday, June 20

Spectacle Loves Pride Week!

Pride Week is fast approaching and we here at Spectacle love the excitement it brings to our city.  Since it all starts this Friday we wanted to get you prepared with a compilation of our favourite sunglasses from past Pride Weeks!

We hope you enjoy the festivities this year and don't forget to come by Spectacle and pick up a new pair of sunnies for the occasion!

Spectacle Loves You

Thursday, June 14

Spectacle Loves Black Wolves

Spectacle clients Kirk and Tammy have started their own clothing line called Black Wolves.

Kirk and Tammy wearing Black Wolves t-shirts and Spectacle eyewear -
Kirk is in Mosley Tribes Lyndel Beaded shades and
Tammy is in RetroSuperFuture People Francis'

Black Wolves is a Toronto, Canada, based company and was founded on the focus of arts and culture, music and fashion, and the evolution of style through the eras.

"Hollywood Cool guy"

"Bob Gnarly Faded"

Tammy in the "Hollywood Cool Guy" 

Mainly inspired by hip hop and all the sub cultures that identify with it, Black Wolves is a clothing company that represents the melting pot of North America and the individuality of the people within it.

Tammy wearing W Super Summer Safari shades

Kirk in the "Tomahawk Steez" and Mosley Tribes Lyndel Beaded shades

Black Wolves signifies rarity and glorifies exclusivity.  Black Wolves understands that it’s quality over quantity and your personal style is an expression of who you are.  Their intention is to bring you high quality garments made of the best materials and separate the wolves from the sheep.

The "Major Money"

Kirk wearing the "South Beach" and KUBORAUM C2 glasses

For more information on Black Wolves, and to view their entire collection, you can visit their website here!  Spectacle Loves Black Wolves!

Wednesday, June 13

Orgreen: The Perfect Father's Day Gift!

Father's Day is less than a week away and Spectacle has received some new Orgreen frames just in time!  These new styles make perfect gifts for all of the men in your life.

VEGA in 286

BRANDO in 380

Orgreen eyewear is simple yet fashionable and is great for men who like clean styles and basic colours for everyday use.  The hand-made frames are different in that they have a traditional look with a modern edge.

BRANDO in 355

MR. WHITE in 286

If you haven't gotten a Father's Day gift yet, don't worry - Spectacle has you covered with our new Orgreen collection!  It is available now at our Distillery District and Queen St. West locations.  If you are unsure which frame to get for Father's Day it's okay, we also sell Gift Cards!

Tuesday, June 12

Go BIG or Go Home with KUBORAUM "Masks"!

Usually, the rule of thumb when seeking glasses is to make sure that you’re the wearer of the frames as apposed to the frames wearing you – but it’s a whole different story with the bold new KUBORAUM “mask-like” eyewear collection.

Part of the current Spectacle Queen St. West window display!

Head designer, Livio Graziottin, said the KUBORAUM collection is made to look like they are “masks that are drawn on the face of the wearer; masks that highlight our personality, our character [yet] made to reshape his/her features." The KUBORAUM mask acetate frames are influenced and designed in Berlin, within the rooms of PASTPRESENT Fashion Studio & Gallery. Its solid geometries also feature modulated square and round Karl Zeiss lenses.

The brand was originally “Dreamed in Berlin, handmade in Italy” which perfectly blends the intricate creativity of Germany and the traditional craftsmanship of Italy.

Mask A1 as Glasses

Regardless of its chunky, oversized, statement look, KUBORAUM frames are made to instantly hug you; making it feel light, comfortable and more tailored than it looks.

In fact, its thick, vintage inspired look is made to not only make us look and feel good, but to also protect and shelter us. According to Graziottin and co-founder, Sergio Eusebi, they wanted to create and portray a space of “intimacy” between the eyewear and wearer and to use their frames as a “protective screen” to filter out “the chaos of the world.”

Mask A1 as Sunglasses

KUBORAUM’s latest collection comes in a range of black and navy blue glossy acetates, along with matte black finishes on specific models. Both sunglass and reading frames are available.

However way you decide to wear the KUBORAUM frames, it’ll always make a statement (in a positive way, of course). It will work great dressed up or dressed down and either way, compliments are bound to come your way!

Mask B1 as Sunglasses

KUBORAUM is a collection that Spectacle’s flagship store on West Queen West in Toronto carries as it caters to offer the newest and most cutting edge brands that may even be a bit before their time. 

KUBORAUM is a brand that Spectacle takes into consideration for their younger A-clientele. 

Mask A3 as Sunglasses 

Come on in and give them a try, I’m sure KUBORAUM’s mask-fitting frames will have you feeling like a lavishing different you! Pun intended. 

Written by 
Christina Cheng, Frame Stylist with Spectacle & Freelance Journalist