Tuesday, June 12

Go BIG or Go Home with KUBORAUM "Masks"!

Usually, the rule of thumb when seeking glasses is to make sure that you’re the wearer of the frames as apposed to the frames wearing you – but it’s a whole different story with the bold new KUBORAUM “mask-like” eyewear collection.

Part of the current Spectacle Queen St. West window display!

Head designer, Livio Graziottin, said the KUBORAUM collection is made to look like they are “masks that are drawn on the face of the wearer; masks that highlight our personality, our character [yet] made to reshape his/her features." The KUBORAUM mask acetate frames are influenced and designed in Berlin, within the rooms of PASTPRESENT Fashion Studio & Gallery. Its solid geometries also feature modulated square and round Karl Zeiss lenses.

The brand was originally “Dreamed in Berlin, handmade in Italy” which perfectly blends the intricate creativity of Germany and the traditional craftsmanship of Italy.

Mask A1 as Glasses

Regardless of its chunky, oversized, statement look, KUBORAUM frames are made to instantly hug you; making it feel light, comfortable and more tailored than it looks.

In fact, its thick, vintage inspired look is made to not only make us look and feel good, but to also protect and shelter us. According to Graziottin and co-founder, Sergio Eusebi, they wanted to create and portray a space of “intimacy” between the eyewear and wearer and to use their frames as a “protective screen” to filter out “the chaos of the world.”

Mask A1 as Sunglasses

KUBORAUM’s latest collection comes in a range of black and navy blue glossy acetates, along with matte black finishes on specific models. Both sunglass and reading frames are available.

However way you decide to wear the KUBORAUM frames, it’ll always make a statement (in a positive way, of course). It will work great dressed up or dressed down and either way, compliments are bound to come your way!

Mask B1 as Sunglasses

KUBORAUM is a collection that Spectacle’s flagship store on West Queen West in Toronto carries as it caters to offer the newest and most cutting edge brands that may even be a bit before their time. 

KUBORAUM is a brand that Spectacle takes into consideration for their younger A-clientele. 

Mask A3 as Sunglasses 

Come on in and give them a try, I’m sure KUBORAUM’s mask-fitting frames will have you feeling like a lavishing different you! Pun intended. 

Written by 
Christina Cheng, Frame Stylist with Spectacle & Freelance Journalist