Thursday, June 14

Spectacle Loves Black Wolves

Spectacle clients Kirk and Tammy have started their own clothing line called Black Wolves.

Kirk and Tammy wearing Black Wolves t-shirts and Spectacle eyewear -
Kirk is in Mosley Tribes Lyndel Beaded shades and
Tammy is in RetroSuperFuture People Francis'

Black Wolves is a Toronto, Canada, based company and was founded on the focus of arts and culture, music and fashion, and the evolution of style through the eras.

"Hollywood Cool guy"

"Bob Gnarly Faded"

Tammy in the "Hollywood Cool Guy" 

Mainly inspired by hip hop and all the sub cultures that identify with it, Black Wolves is a clothing company that represents the melting pot of North America and the individuality of the people within it.

Tammy wearing W Super Summer Safari shades

Kirk in the "Tomahawk Steez" and Mosley Tribes Lyndel Beaded shades

Black Wolves signifies rarity and glorifies exclusivity.  Black Wolves understands that it’s quality over quantity and your personal style is an expression of who you are.  Their intention is to bring you high quality garments made of the best materials and separate the wolves from the sheep.

The "Major Money"

Kirk wearing the "South Beach" and KUBORAUM C2 glasses

For more information on Black Wolves, and to view their entire collection, you can visit their website here!  Spectacle Loves Black Wolves!