Monday, July 30

Art for Commuters + Brings Toronto Neighbourhoods to Life

Artists were asked to choose a specific neighbourhood or location in the city to explore and portray in their flip-book project. The challenge – how do you tell a story about the city, in only 60 pages, without text and sound?

toronto flip-toronto flip books ttc 

Beginning August 4th, subway riders will have the chance to see Toronto in a new way.  Handmade flip books that explore the city's neighbourhoods, landmarks, and forgotten stories will play in video form on subway platfom televisions.

Patrick Jenkins - Morphing City Hall from Circuit Gallery on Vimeo.

Friday, July 27

Mosley Tribes x Crooks & Castles Castellano 10th Anniversary Release

The Mosley Tribes x Crooks & Castles Castellano collaboration is back at Spectacle.  We are currently the only optical store in Canada to carry Crooks & Castles eyewear.  The re-release of the collection marks the 10-year anniversary of Crooks & Castles.  Available in two limited edition colour patterns, the shades come in either Matte Black or Tortoise, both with gold end pieces.

The gold end piece that comes on both frame styles

Matte Black frame

Tortoise frame

Spectacle would also like to take the time to mention our sadness at the loss of Christopher Lloyd Natalio, the Marketing Director for Crooks & Castles who passed away earlier this Summer.  Our thoughts are with the Crooks & Castles family.

The Mosley Tribes x Crooks & Castles Castellano is available now at the Queen St. Spectacle and will be arriving at our other locations next week.

Thursday, July 26

Thank You for Making Spectacle #1 in Toronto

Thank you for making us the #1 sunglasses shop in Toronto.  We appreciate all the support we get from our amazing customers and we're thrilled to know you enjoy our shop as much as we enjoy you!

You can check out the article here.

Spectacle Loves You!

Wednesday, July 25

Show Us Your Goods!

The display case's exterior

Spectacle has received some beautiful luxury eyewear display cases that were designed specifically with our clients in mind.  The cases are finished in a Dark Walnut and Piano Paint detailing.  To protect your valued eyewear, the inside is lined with cream-coloured velvet and also contains an additional drawer and mirror for self-reflecting.

Spectacle detailing in gold

Stop by one of our 3 Spectacle locations to view the displays.

If you are interested in obtaining one of the cases, please send an email with your contact information to

Friday, July 20

Homage to Cari Zalloni

If you grew up in the 80's listening to rap (ie the Golden Age of Hip-Hop), there was nothing more iconic than Adidas shell-toes, Kangol hats, and Cazal sunglasses. 

Model 8002 is available at Spectacle in Tortoise shade

Cari Zalloni (CAri ZALloni), founder and designer of Cazal eyewear, has passed away this month.  He is famous for his amazing eyewear creations which are unique and distinguished.  Cari has said of the inspiration behind his frames that "a designer eyewear line that pleases everyone is unlikely to inspire, good design must be thought-provoking".

HOMAGE TO CARI ZALLONI from hamansutra on Vimeo.

Spectacle appreciates and thanks you Cari for your contribution and leadership in the fashion and eyewear industry.

Thursday, July 19

Fresh Eyes Exhibit at City Hall

Couldn't help but notice the Fresh Eyes display at Nathan Phillips Square on my way to work the last few days. The exhibit is on until July 30th.  It's a visual composition featuring the eyes of new Canadian citizens

The images represent City leaders looking at Toronto through new Canadians' eyes

The exhibit reaches around City Hall

If you're on Queen St West or near City Hall, stop by and take a look at the amazing Fresh Eyes display!

Wednesday, July 18

Spectacle Welcomes Miss Teen Canada

What a pleasant surprise at our Distillery District location today when a few of the lovely contestants from The Miss Teen Canada stopped by to try on some Thierry Lasry shades.

Left to Right: Savanagh in Divinity, Janick in Obsessy, and Danika in Platony

Good Luck to all of the contestants!

Saturday, July 14

New Mosley Tribes Delivery

A box full of Mosley Tribes has just arrived at Spectacle!  Come by to see what's inside...

Custom Aviatrix with Rosewood lenses

New custom Matte Hensley

The Cosley

Friday, July 13

Barton Perreira Norton Eyewear is Now at Spectacle

Spectacle has just received some new Barton Perreira Norton glasses.  They come in a variety of colours and are a round shaped lens.



Crystal and Havana

Dedicated to pure luxury, Barton Perreira's approach to fashion redefines style and elegance.  Patty Perreira's language of inspired design focuses on the evolution process and continues to challenge the industry by unveiling the next new thing. 


Left to Right: Heroine Chic, Black, and Matte Dusk

These and more Barton Perreira frames are available at Spectacle now.

Thursday, July 12

Happy Birthday Ralph!

Today is ic! berlin founder Ralph Anderl's birthday!  ic! berlin is known for its strong, durable, and stylish eyewear.  It is also known for its founder's fun, exciting personality and his love of the company he created.


Everyone at Spectacle wishes Ralph a Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, July 11

Happy Birthday 7/11! Spectacle Loves You

Today, July 11th, is 7/11's birthday!  In celebration, they are giving away free Slurpees and our Queen St. shop stopped by to pick some up.

The Slurpees at the shop

Happy Birthday 7/11!

Slurpees and sunglasses, the best Summer combination

Don't forget to get your own free Slurpee and come by Spectacle while you're at it!

Monday, July 9

Spectacle Summer Trunk Show Series: Linda Farrow and Orgreen & Blac

Spectacle got the chance to host two special trunk shows last week.  On Thursday, July 5th, we held a Linda Farrow Trunk Show at our Queen St. shop and on Saturday, July 7th, we had Orgreen & Blac at the Yonge St. location.  Both shows were great and the reps and our staff taught Spectacle customers even more about the featured products!

Stunning Blac eyewear

Kyra from Linda Farrow helping a client

Cool eyewear from Linda Farrow and Jeremy Scott

Acetate shades with a feather pressed between

Kelly helping with an Orgreen purchase

Orgreen & Blac rep Ron helping a customer

A family looking for the perfect Orgreens

It was a busy day at the Yonge St. shop!

Thank you to Linda Farrow and Orgreen & Blac for helping out with the trunk shows and for everyone who came out!  Keep your eyes open for more events coming from Spectacle!

Friday, July 6

Thierry Lasry Collaborations and Limited Edition Sunglasses are Available Now at Spectacle!

Thierry Lasry Limited Edition and collaborations have arrived at Spectacle! The collaboration styles are new, and the Limited Edition shades are rare and unique.

Lively Limited Edition in Matte Black

Sexxxy Limited Edition in Matte Black

The Limited Edition styles are both classic Thierry Lasry frames but in a Matte Black shade.  They are in celebration of the 5 year anniversary and there were only 500 made in total.  The collaboration styles were created by Thierry Lasry x Steffie Christiaens and come in a tortoise and dark green shade.  Steffie Christiaens is a fashion designer from France and her collaborations with Thierry Lasry are loved by celebrities such as Lady Gaga.

Thierry Lasry x Steffie Christiaens Galena

Thierry Lasry x Steffie Christiaens Galena in a Tortoise style

Get down to Spectacle to pick up your exclusive pair of Thierry Lasry Limited Edition and collaboration shades before they are gone!

Thursday, July 5

Spectacle Summer Trends 2012: Vintage & Classics With a Twist

Trends come and go; they say hello and they say goodbye but nobody likes goodbyes so how about a trend that stays and remains timeless? Spectacle’s summer trends are focused on vintage and classic frames that have a little “umph” in them to maintain that  classic yet edgy and modern look.

Oliver Peoples Sheldrake

The Oliver Peoples Sheldrake frame is a classic-modern twist on a vintage round frame, which in fact, was inspired by Andy Warhol. The transparent champagne acetate colour, paired with a vintage rose tint lens is the perfect summer mix that goes well with a nice summer tan. Many shy away from round frames but please don’t— a rounded or more oval shaped face works well with a round frame as it tends to follow the contours of the face; making it look more natural and soft. A face blessed with strong features and jaw lines also benefit from a round frame as it contrasts well, giving off a more soft and edgy look with a bit of a statement.

Oliver Peoples Mande

The Oliver Peoples Mande frame is a ultra feminine sunglass that was inspired by the 1950’s retro fashion with a style savvy woman in mind. Handcrafted with substantial, rounded acetate and an upswept cat-eye look, this fierce frame is made to turn heads. The new amber tortoise/buff gradient colour is a rockin’ colour combo for the summertime. Plus, anything with an upswept cat-eye gives the illusion of an instant facelift— huge bonus for the ladies!

Thierry Lasry Platony

Thierry Lasry takes a very unique, fresh, avant-garde approach to sunglasses especially in the new Thierry Lasry Platony (V011) vintage frame. It is based off of the concept of “futuristic-vintage” as they utilized vintage designs and colour palettes, while incorporating an updated modern touch with such ease and elegance. These pastel colour blotches are made for summer and are made to brighten any outfit. All handmade in France, Thierry Lasry frames are guaranteed with the best materials and are made to last for many summers to come.

Mosley Tribes Lyndel

Everyone has the staple wayfarer sunglass but how about one with a twist? The Mosley Tribes Lyndel frames bumps it up a notch with a retro-inspired acetate frame, crafted in an angular plastic cut to hit all the contours of the jaw line. The keyhole nose bridge also accentuates the soft contoured lens shape and is best for hugging the nose; giving it a more tailored feel. The Mosley Tribes Lyndel frames are one you can’t go wrong with— it’s an easy wear type of frame that makes the men look more handsome and the females looking edgy. Try them in a forest green matte finish and I promise it’ll go with that summer tan!

Garrett Leight Harding

Have you heard of frames that are vintage mixed with classic mixed with a twist times three? Well, now you have! Garrett Leight’s Harding frames are part aviator, part wayfarer, and part round and are inspired by the playwright, Arthur Miller. This three-way mix has got to be a must-have frame for the summer and one that’ll make any male and female too hot for the heat to handle!

ic! berlin raf s.

You can’t go wrong with the classic aviator! The ic! Berlin raf s. are the perfect summer pair to stand the heat— the spring steel helps to maximize flexibility and strength to hold up to all your summer adventures! Classic aviators are one of the easiest frames to throw on and go about your day whether your dressed up or dressed down. 
Garrett Leight Hampton
Oliver Peoples NDG

Another way to stay classic with a twist is adding these amazing, practical clip-on or flip-up sun glass lenses to your own prescription glasses! Here we have the classic round Garrett Leight Hampton frame with a black matte finish clip on; and the classic retro matte black Oliver Peoples NDG (Nom de Guerre collaboration) with the flip-up clip on. Pretty snazzy, eh?

Come check out these and more Summer 2012 shades at Spectacle! 

Written by Christina Cheng, Frame Stylist with Spectacle & Freelance Journalist