Friday, July 20

Homage to Cari Zalloni

If you grew up in the 80's listening to rap (ie the Golden Age of Hip-Hop), there was nothing more iconic than Adidas shell-toes, Kangol hats, and Cazal sunglasses. 

Model 8002 is available at Spectacle in Tortoise shade

Cari Zalloni (CAri ZALloni), founder and designer of Cazal eyewear, has passed away this month.  He is famous for his amazing eyewear creations which are unique and distinguished.  Cari has said of the inspiration behind his frames that "a designer eyewear line that pleases everyone is unlikely to inspire, good design must be thought-provoking".

HOMAGE TO CARI ZALLONI from hamansutra on Vimeo.

Spectacle appreciates and thanks you Cari for your contribution and leadership in the fashion and eyewear industry.