Friday, October 19

ROLF Glasses Are Now Exclusively Available at Spectacle!

ROLF wooden & stone frames are now available at our Queen St. West boutique.  The frames are each handmade in Austria and use only the finest wood and slate stone available.  The Dino 40 & 41 are made of stone and the others are made entirely of wood - even the hinges.

Dino 40

Dino 40 Hinge

Dino 41

ROLF Hinge

Diplomat 06

Taunus 03

Taunus 03

Grifo 04

ROLF has won numerous eyewear awards including the 2012 Red Dot Design Award, the 2012 Eyewear of the Year award from Japan, and numerous Silmo d'Or awards from the most prestigious eyewear show in the world - Silmo Paris.

You can view our entire ROLF collection now at the Queen St. West boutique. The line is exclusive to Spectacle as we are the only shop in Canada to carry the pieces, so be sure to stop by and take a look!