Tuesday, November 13

Darren Loves CAZAL Eyewear!

Our Favourite Frames of the Year countdown has begun and Darren is first with his love of CAZAL!  Darren has been with Spectacle for a while now and his experience has given him great insight into the coolest, most flattering styles.

Darren explains why he loves the CAZAL 616 model so much:

"Why do I like the CAZAL 616? Well for me it is all about the versatility. Being around since the 80's these frames have a special place in hip hop lore. Think everything from RUN DMC krushing grooves to Jay Z making the Yankee hat more famous then a Yankee can and you will see them rocking something along the lines of this model. 

However, these frames aren't just for the young and jiggy with it. With the depth and sturdiness they posses they are perfect for the future, current and emerging presbyopes - think Robert DeNiro as "Ace" Rothstein in Casino or Uncle Junior Soprano.

It doesn't matter if I'm standing in my B Boy stance or telling some punk kids to "get away from my rhododendrons" - as long as I am wearing my Cazal 616's I'll look good doing it."

Jay-Z wearing his CAZAL frames

We carry a range of CAZAL eyewear at Spectacle so come by and take a look! Keep your eyes out for our next staff member's favourite frames...