Monday, November 19

Tina Loves Thom Browne!

Our Favourite Frames of the Year countdown continues with Tina who is showing her love of Thom Browne!  Spectacle was the first to launch the Thom Browne collection so it's a very special line to us.  Tina loves Thom Browne for his simplistic designs that make a strong statement.  She especially loves the TB-011 model for the mixture of gold, acetate, and titanium.

Tina in her favourite Thom Browne frame, the
TB-011 model

According to Tina herself, "The TB-011 model is my ultimate, ultimate favourite.  This model is a subtle new take on a classic, vintage design that was inspired by the '40s, '50s, and '60s which also compliments today's modern aesthetics.  Just like the frame, my style is a little bit vintage and original mixed with a little bit of modern and edgy".

Tina is also a stylist for Global, so she definitely knows her stuff!  If you love Thom Browne as much as Tina does, stop by Spectacle to view our entire collection.