Tuesday, December 18

Jordan Loves ROLF Spectacles!

Jordan's favourite eyeglasses of the year are from ROLF Spectacles!  ROLF produces hand-made, lightweight wooden, bamboo, and wood-stone eyewear that is perfect if you're looking for unique eyeglasses.  

Jordan explains why he loves ROLF: "The eyewear is produced completely out of natural materials without any metal parts.  The hinge is also screw-less and maintenance-free.  I love their attention to detail and bold use of innovative techniques, including the combination of wood and stone - truly a unique, one-of-a-kind pair of eyeglasses!"

ROLF Spectacles

The ROLF Hinge 

ROLF Spectacles are currently available at our Queen St. West boutique.  Come by to see some of the most unique, original eyewear in the world.