Tuesday, December 4

Kira Loves REIZ!

Kira chose her favourite eyeglasses of the year and REIZ won!  She chose the Elbe model to write about for its cool shape and colour.

Kira explains in her own words why she enjoys wearing the Elbe so much: "I know that my personal style has evolved drastically over the years and I have redefined different ways to express myself to the world through how I look.  I love REIZ as it has also done exactly that.  They believe that glasses should be more than just a simple function in that they should be a means of personal expression as well.  Be who you want and wear it well - I can live with that."

REIZ creates both eyeglasses and sunglasses by using a range of colours and mixtures of acetate.  They are very complimentary on all face types and REIZ truly makes something for everybody!  Come by our Queen St. West boutique and see all REIZ has to offer.