Thursday, December 20

Mark McNairy x Garrett Leight Eyewear Has Launched at Spectacle!

One of our favourite designers at Spectacle, Garrett Leight, has partnered with American designer Mark McNairy to create a new line of cool, fashion-forward eyewear.  Mark is the former creative director of the Ivy League inspired clothing company, J. Press.  He also continues his own high-end clothing collection known as New Amsterdam.

The style known simply as No. 1

The new collaboration brings together vintage American heritage whilst drawing inspiration from classic American characters throughout time.  As Mark himself puts it, "we drew inspiration from... people who just don't give a damn what anyone thinks, like Mickey Rourke, Michael Caine, Peter Falk, and Groucho Marx".

The No. 3

The No. 3

The eyeglasses collection is a brand new collaboration that launched in September 2012 with the first preview at Mark's Spring / Summer 2013 Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week.  We are very excited about the new collection and we think you will be too!  The line is currently housed at our Queen St. West boutique.