Friday, December 7

Mike Can Face Anything With His Rudy Project Sunglasses!

Mike's favourite eyewear of the year are his very own Gozen sunglasses! Rudy Project eyewear is designed specifically for athletes to offer them the best eye protection has to offer.  According to the designer, Rudy Barbazza, "Rudy Project was created with the firm conviction to improve the performance of athletes all over the world".

Mike's favourite Rudy Project frame is the Gozen.  Mike explains why he enjoys wearing the shades so much by saying:

"Rudy Project is a line of specialty performance sunglasses.  From as diverse a range of sports as skiing, to cycling, and even target shooting, Rudy Project works with athletes to design each frame.  What really sets Rudy Project apart from other sport brands, and the reason it's the only such line that Spectacle carries, is the wide range of prescription lens options.  For most prescriptions, Rudy Project offers countless different lens options in polarized, photochromic, mirrored, and every possible colour combination."

The Gozen Model

"And because you can fashion multiple sets of lenses for different activities and lighting environments, Rudy Project frames are completely interchangeable.  My personal favourite shape is the Gozen style in black with polarized lenses because I can snap up the brow and pop in any other lens colour I want.  That, and because they make me look like the action hero I secretly am... "

split gif

Rudy Project eyewear is available exclusively at our Yonge St. boutique.