Tuesday, January 8

Christina Cheng's Favourite Sunglasses of 2012: Linda Farrow x The Row!

As a stylist for both Global and Spectacle, Christina has spent plenty of time choosing the perfect colours and shapes to suit everyone's individual style. Even with all of this experience, Christina admits that she too has trouble finding a sunglass that fits properly without looking massive on her face.

According to Christina, "Looking for the perfect oversized sunglass frame can be tricky and trust me, as a frame stylist, I too struggle to find the perfect sunglass fit... it's always either too big and bug eye looking on me, or it never seems to fit my small nose bridge.  Nonetheless, Linda Farrow x The Row came to my rescue!  I wanted to feature these sunglasses to show females with petite facial features that they don't have to shy away from big, bold frames!"

The sunglasses are much loved among celebrities like Beyonce
who has been spotted in the shades countless times

The Linda Farrow x The Row collaboration
was also featured at the Soia & Kyo fashion show this fall in Toronto 

The Linda Farrow x The Row collection is currently housed at our Queen St. West boutique.  The eyewear comes in a range of colours and shapes so stop by and take a look!