Saturday, February 23

Spring '13 Trends: Colours, Textures, Prints - Oh My!

We’ve been through the chunky sunglasses time-and-time before, we’ve seen many classic black styles and countless classic tortoise shell shades but guess what? Get over it! Seriously. Being too classic all the time becomes so vanilla. This is Spring ‘13 we’re talking about over here. So expect to see colours, textures and prints galore.  This Spring ‘13 rule is to have your eyewear pop! 


The Retro Super Future Tapestry sunglasses are perfect for those SUPER fanatics who like their shades to stand out from a distance. Dipped in murky Seventies acetates, this model is embellished with mosaic, Persian-inspired prints. Eclectic, loud and brave, this frame is a definite statement piece. 

RETROSUPERFUTURE Classic Francis Silver Puma

Now I know this isn't colour per sé but look at that beautiful and intriguing marble acetate print. This style also plays with the mixture of acetate and titanium textures to give it that sleek and sexy look. Now imagine pairing these stunning sunnies with a pop of colour. Badass, right?

Thierry Lasry Orgasmy 6131

Now this is what I’m talking about! Ladies, this is what you call a not so classic tortoise shell! Thierry Lasry takes a very unique, fresh, avant-garde approach to sunglasses especially in this Orgasmy model. Although it uses deep reds and oranges, when the sun kisses you, the colours immediately activate and you’re left shining.

Various styles and vibrant colours of the Taru & Koli collection

Another humungous Spring ’13 sunglass trend is the coloured frames and coloured lenses combo. The eyewear showcased are a brand called Taru & Koli, handmade in Italy and designed by Toronto based optical owner, Jag Dhillon of Spectacle. The use of various coloured fashion tints on lenses has become an out of this world huge trend. Having trendy eyewear is one thing but pairing it with trendy coloured lenses takes it to a whole new level. Give it a try with your swaggy Spring ‘13 attire but I warn you, you may break necks. 

Written by Christina Cheng, Freelance Journalist & Stylist at Spectacle