Wednesday, March 20

Spectacle Eyewear for Petite Face Shapes!

Finding the right eyewear can be difficult, especially for those of us with small faces. Well look no further - Spectacle has you covered with these trendy, current styles that will look like they were made just for you!

Anne et Valentin MINIBA

Anne et Valentin MINIBLUE

The Anne et Valentin MINIBA and MINIBLUE eyeglasses are perfect for small facial features. They are colourful and bold without being overwhelming on a petite face.

Barton Perreira Cassady

The Cassady is a more subtle eyeglass in a classic shape for everyday wear. It's perfect if you like the squared, slight cat-eye trend but have had difficulty finding a pair that isn't massive and ill-fitting on your face.

Oliver Peoples Denison and Follies

Oliver Peoples is known for their classic American eyewear made of great colour tones and high-quality acetates and metals. Both the Denison and Follies are suitable to small face shapes and come in colours that are bold without being overpowering.

Oliver Goldsmith CONSUL - SS

The Oliver Goldsmith CONSUL - SS is the smaller version of the classic CONSUL piece.  They stand out and are a thicker acetate model, but it is created in a way that highlights a petite face without appearing overly chunky.

Whatever your face shape may be, Spectacle carries eyewear that will fit you perfectly!