Tuesday, April 30

New Face a Face Eyewear Available at Spectacle!


Spectacle received some new Face a Face styles just in time for the beautiful week ahead!  The colourful eyeglasses are perfect for Spring and Summer.





These new models are available now at our Queen St. West boutique as well as other styles, so come by and take a look!

Saturday, April 27

Thom Browne 701 Sunglasses are Available Now!

The Thom Browne 701 is now available at our Queen St. West boutique as a sunglass just in time for the beautiful weekend ahead.

Come by and pick up a pair for yourself and enjoy the weather!

Wednesday, April 24

How Computers Effect Your Vision

Staring at a screen for hours without taking a break can damage your vision.  Here are some tips for maintaining your eye health while working in an office setting or browsing online at home!

Spectacle carries a range of lenses to help with your vision while using a computer, including Nikon Online. Nikon's Online lenses provide the kind of maximum close-range vision previously unthinkable.

By extending your field of vision laterally and towards the front, Nikon Online clarifies the focus of intermediate elements (up to 3 meters) such as a computer screen or person sitting across from you. This means that head and neck movements are minimized, eliminating eye strain and helping to alleviate postural fatigue. 

According to Nikon, "Today, the demands on our eyesight are greater than ever.  From professionals to hair stylists to programmers used to spending long hours in close observation, Nikon Online's effortless transition from close to middle-range distance is a tremendous asset."
Contact us at goodvision@spectaclelovesyou.com to inquire which lenses are best for you!

Monday, April 22

James Teej's New Album "Eight Bit Ocean" Launches Today

Eight Bit Ocean

Today is the official release date of James Teej's new album Eight Bit Ocean.  James has been a firm fixture on the electronic music circuit since 2008 when he released his first single.  A vocalist, producer, DJ, live act, A&R, and collaborator - Teej is a genuine electronic musician and his material is filled with a sense of real craftsmanship where every detail has its true place and meaning.

James Teej
Eight Bit Ocean is the sound of an artist, a handful of synths, drum machines, and a mic.  It makes for an enthralling listen as well as a hefty cache of dance floor material.  You can purchase Eight Bit Ocean on Beatport here.  Don't forget to check out James' new bootleg Get Lucky out now on Soundcloud too.

Wednesday, April 17

Persol Presents "Atelier Persol", The Upcoming Ad Campaign

Persol's new ad campaign, Atelier Persol, is a unique idea created among eight pioneers from different fields of art.  According to Persol, "A 15th century manor was rented in the Tuscan hills of Florence where a creative theme was assigned to eight suites which artists were invited to let themselves loose in... the pioneers have been called to cope with a new artistic challenge: to reinterpret a value from the creative process of a pair of Persol according to their style, sensitivity, and beliefs."  You can view the trailer below.

Check out our current Persol collection carried at all Spectacle boutiques!

Tuesday, April 16

Happy Birthday Garrett Leight!

Happy Birthday to one of our close friends and amazing eyewear designer Garrett Leight.  His personal line, Garrett Leight California Optical, is carried by Spectacle and we recently received some new pieces for Spring / Summer 2013! 

Happy Birthday Garrett from everyone here at Spectacle!

Saturday, April 13

Mosley Tribes Beaded Lyndel Available at Spectacle!

The Beaded Lyndel from Mosley Tribes is a limited edition, exclusive piece that was hand-beaded by jewelry designer Jenny Dayco.  The temples are patterned after Native American hand-woven blankets and the beads are made of ceramic.

The Mosley Tribes Beaded Lyndel is a bright, fun sunglass that is perfect for the sunny days ahead.  There is only one left at our Queen St. West location so hurry in to check it out!

Wednesday, April 10

MOSCOT Summer Campaign Features NYC, Swimmers, and the East River!

The latest MOSCOT campaign features men and women swimmers in the East River in NYC!  It's perfect for summer and is a fun collection.  There are 6 new styles in total so here is a sneak peek!

VICTORIA in Bordeaux



MOSCOT said of the campaign, "the 2013 MOSCOT Sun collection launches with a quirky and surreal campaign featuring MOSCOT friends & family adrift in the rough, riotous seas... aka... The East River... aka, a pool in Long Island".  So it isn't the real East River, but it's a unique campaign nonetheless!  These new styles will be at Spectacle very soon.

Monday, April 8

Barton Perreira Ronette Sunglasses are Now at Spectacle!

The Ronette with a signed, hand-drawn photo from Patty Perreira herself

The Ronette sunglass from Barton Perreira is now available at Spectacle.  It's a cat eye shape with a metal nose bridge and comes in 3 unique colourways.

Wailing Sol Brushed Rose Gold with Smokey Topaz

Black Brushed Gold with Smolder lenses

Heroine Chic Brushed Gold with Smokey Topaz lenses

These and more new Barton Perreira styles are available now at Spectacle!

Friday, April 5

New Garrett Leight Eyewear Available Now at Spectacle!

The Altair is one of our favourite models.  It's made of vintage plastics and is attractive, clean, and simple

Spectacle has received some new Garrett Leight styles and colours in both eyeglass and sunglass models!  

The Kinney is a clean, classic, comfortable, and stylish eyeglass option that now comes in a smaller eye size and colours

The Harding is inspired by the iconic author Arthur Miller who wore it in the 1950's and now comes in these new colourways

Garrett Leight California Optical eyewear is all designed in California.  Garrett is the son of Oliver Peoples founder, Larry Leight, and his styles reflect his laid-back attitude. 

The Lucille is inspired by Hollywood starlets of the 1980's and offers the perfect amount of sass and dainty - just released in these brand new colours

The Lucille

The Wilson is back in stock!  It features mineral glass sun lenses and detailed metal filigree

Spectacle always has a variety of Garrett Leight eyewear on hand, so come by this weekend and take a look!

Wednesday, April 3

Brand New Yellows Plus Eyewear Styles are Available Now!


Spectacle has just received some brand new Yellows Plus eyewear at our Queen St. West boutique!  The new models include the Kurt, Rey, and Yves.


Yellows Plus is a Japanese eyewear brand that focuses on creating timeless styles that never go out of fashion. Using only the highest quality materials, Yellows Plus eyeglasses are built to last and are always hand finished.



Come by our Queen St. shop to check out these new styles before they're gone!

Tuesday, April 2

Let's Go Blue Jays!

Today is the Home Opener for the Toronto Blue Jays!  As they open their most promising season in years, we wish them the best of luck.  

Go Jays Go!