Wednesday, April 24

How Computers Effect Your Vision

Staring at a screen for hours without taking a break can damage your vision.  Here are some tips for maintaining your eye health while working in an office setting or browsing online at home!

Spectacle carries a range of lenses to help with your vision while using a computer, including Nikon Online. Nikon's Online lenses provide the kind of maximum close-range vision previously unthinkable.

By extending your field of vision laterally and towards the front, Nikon Online clarifies the focus of intermediate elements (up to 3 meters) such as a computer screen or person sitting across from you. This means that head and neck movements are minimized, eliminating eye strain and helping to alleviate postural fatigue. 

According to Nikon, "Today, the demands on our eyesight are greater than ever.  From professionals to hair stylists to programmers used to spending long hours in close observation, Nikon Online's effortless transition from close to middle-range distance is a tremendous asset."
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