Wednesday, June 5

The Award Winning ic! berlin Power Law is Now Available in New Colours

The Power Law model in our new colour combinations: Ghetto Havana and Piano Rough

The very popular ic! berlin Power Law is now available at Spectacle in new colours - Ghetto Havana and Piano Rough.  Both styles are currently housed at our Queen St. West boutique.

The Power Law design process

The Power Law has a combination finish consisting of polished and "rough" unpolished acetate which ic! berlin discovered by chance.  The "rough" acetate was found by the design team when it was presented at a brainstorming meeting due to a tight deadline where everyone, including Ralph, fell in love with the unpolished acetate edges. The rough Power Law is used to show off authentically how the eyewear was born by showcasing each layer for the wearer.

The Power Law in Piano Rough

The Power Law is one of the most popular models from ic! berlin so hurry in and pick one up before they're gone!