Monday, June 17

The MOSCOT SUN Collection is Available Now Exclusively at Spectacle!

The MOSCOT SUN collection consists of 6 brand new models.  Here is a close-up look at 3 of the new styles.

The BEAUMONT is a sophisticated sunglass with beveled detail.  It looks commanding and stately on men, and strong and sexy on women.

The BEAUMONT in Bordeaux

The BEAUMONT in Brown Fade

The SHEPARD is elegantly executed with a continuous metal top bar and sporty shape.  The SHEPARD is fancy, casual, and defined.

The SHEPARD in Brown Fade

The SHEPARD in Black

The TANNER is based on vintage motorcycle goggles.  It has the aerodynamic build of a Ducati and it's the perfect sidekick for wherever the road takes you.

The TANNER in Black

The TANNER is Brown Fade

Exclusive MOSCOT models are available now at both the Queen St. West and Yonge St. boutiques, so come by and check them out!