Tuesday, July 30

Chrome Hearts Sunglasses are Available at Spectacle Now!

Spectacle has some amazing Chrome Hearts sunglasses available that are perfect for those of us who love attracting attention to our eyewear.


Chrome Hearts BUBBA

Chrome Hearts are known for their large, detail oriented styles that are definitely eye-catching.  The sunglasses are made of unique, high quality materials such as wood and titanium.



These and more Chrome Hearts sunglasses are always housed at Spectacle's Queen St. West boutique. We also have a new shipment coming soon so keep checking our Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates!

Friday, July 26

Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show This Sunday at Trinity Bellwoods

This Sunday, July 28th marks the 2nd annual Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show.  The event will run from noon to 5pm Sunday only and will showcase all types of bikes including roadsters, choppers, and trikes among other models.

For more information on the Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show and other bike events in Toronto, you can check out the event website here.  Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 25

New MOSCOT Spirit and MOSCOT Originals Campaign

The MOSCOT Spirit and MOSCOT Originals collections have recently re-launched with a unique campaign.  The announcement stars identical twins from NYC modelling the pieces.

According to MOSCOT, the idea came up because "like identical twins, the brand new MOSCOT Spirit & Originals Collections share the same great DNA -- the same high quality acetate, real hardware for the sturdiest possible construction, and authentic period details... like identical twins, each Collection also enjoys unique qualities". Check out the behind the scenes video below and come by any Spectacle location to view our exclusive MOSCOT collections soon!

Tuesday, July 23

New Barton Perreira Sunglasses Have Arrived at Spectacle

Brand new Barton Perreira sunglasses are available now at Spectacle.  The new Summer 2013 pieces have unique names with interesting background stories.

The Burroughs in Gold Vintage Brown and Royal

The Burroughs is a new style to Spectacle.  Barton Perreira came up with the name based on the influential Beat Poet of the same title.  The sunglasses' classic round shape with bold lenses make it a stand-out piece of eyewear.

The Libertine in Rose Gold with Cinnabar Polarized lenses

Like The Burroughs, the Libertine also has a significant designation.  The style is called the Libertine inspired by Pete Doherty of the British rock band of the same name.  It is also inspired by The film The Libertine's main character - actor Johnny Depp.

The Libertine in Silver with Poison Ivy Polarized lenses

According to Barton Perreira, "the confident swagger of the Libertine will get you through your misadventures with a minimum of regret and the maximum panache!".  The Burroughs is available now at our Queen St. West boutique and the Libertine will be available soon at our new Distillery District shop!

Friday, July 19

PopUp 120 Showroom Opens in Toronto

Fashion movers and shakers braved Toronto's recent heat wave to make an appearance at one of the city's newest hot spots, PopUp 120. Located on the unique, developing corner of Argyle Street on Ossington, the crowd was eager to mix and mingle along with a cold beverage.

PopUp 120 is a retail extension of its original national clothing supply and distributor business, Agency One. According to owner, Ken Georgopoulos, “We wanted to create a space that serves as a marketing and PR function for each of the brands that we carry.” Just to name a few, Popup 120 carries: Religion, House of Gods, and various collaborations including Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, and Dries Van Noten.

Collage with owner Ken

Georgopoulos says his inspiration for opening PopUp 120 came from his trip to Paris during Fashion Week a few years back, when he stumbled across a showroom. “I took a look inside to see what was going on and basically, it was Opening Ceremony using a retail space for their wholesale activities... you see examples of it in New York, London, and Paris, so I thought it would be good to have something like that to bring to Canada as well.”

Be sure to stop by PopUp 120 soon to check out the great showroom atmosphere!

Written by Christina Cheng, Freelance Journalist & Stylist at Spectacle

Thursday, July 18

Happy Birthday Hunter S. Thompson

"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it
or else you're going to be locked up"
- Hunter S. Thompson

Today is iconic American author and journalist Hunter S. Thompson's birthday.  He is most famous for his work Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas which later became a film starring Johnny Depp.

Hunter S. Thompson is also credited with creating the concept of "Gonzo journalism" - a highly personalized style of reporting where the author becomes so involved with the writing process that they themselves become a central character.  Thompson's works remain highly influential still today and he is even the theme behind Garrett Leight's new eyewear campaign.

A still shot of Garrett Leight's new campaign

Happy Birthday to Hunter S. Thompson and if you're looking for a Summer read, we highly recommend Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Friday, July 12

New Linda Farrow Luxe and Collaborations are Available Now at Spectacle!

Linda Farrow x Dries Van Noten 37 is a rounded browline style, constructed on a unique, minimal wire

Spectacle has received some new Linda Farrow Luxe as well as Dries Van Noten, Kris Van Assche, and The Row collaboration pieces.  Linda Farrow is a luxury eyewear brand.  The designs utilize unique materials and patterns to create fashion-forward styles.

The Linda Farrow Luxe 94 is a high-fashion sunglass wrapped in snakeskin

Linda Farrow x KRISVANASSCHE 12 sunglasses have the effect of a burnt metal titanium eyeglass "trapped" in a transparent resin mould

The Linda Farrow Luxe 71 and Linda Farrow x Dries Van Noten 29 are classic examples
of style and luxury coming together in eyewear

The Linda Farrow x The Row 48 is a very colourful sunglass with a playful edge and leather temples

Linda Farrow x The Row 29 and Linda Farrow x KRISVANASSCHE 2 are unique
pieces that are both modern and fashion forward

These and more stunning Linda Farrow Luxe and various collaboration pieces are available now at our Queen St. West boutique!

Wednesday, July 10

Thom Browne's Spring 2014 Fashion Show Forecasts Coming Trends

The show was heavy on grey, red, and blue tones as well as aviator-style shades 

Thom Browne fashion shows are always over-the-top, costume filled events.  They are also great at foreshadowing upcoming trends in the fashion and eyewear industry.  His recent Paris show proves that as a showman, Thom Browne cannot be beat.

Thom Browne eyewear is always fashionable yet timeless.  His styles are unique and look great on men and women alike.  Keep an eye on Spectacle's Facebook and Twitter for new releases from Thom Browne and other information on his eyewear collection.

Saturday, July 6

New Harry Lary Eyewear is Available Now!


Spectacle's Queen St. West boutique received some brand new Harry Lary eyeglasses just in time for the weekend.  The bright, bold styles are perfect for Summer and make a powerful statement.


These and more colourful Harry Lary eyeglasses are available at Spectacle now so come by this weekend and take a look!

Tuesday, July 2

The Spectacle Guide to Tinted Lenses

Did you know that the colour of your lenses can affect the performance of your daily activities?  It's best to inform yourself on which lenses are well suited for your needs prior to purchasing eyewear.  Don't worry - Spectacle is here to help with our guide to tinted lenses.

Green lenses have numerous benefits.  They help to transmit all colours evenly, dim glare, and brighten shadows. They are perfect lenses for all outdoor activity - rain or shine - and are the original choice of pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Amber / brown lenses help to improve contrast, even on cloudy days.  They are best for golf, tennis, high-altitude sports, boating, or any other activity where distance needs to be judged.

Blue, purple, and double gradient lenses are also a fashionable option.  They help to reduce glare, enhance contours, and improve colour perception.  These lenses are best for indoor and outdoor arenas and are especially helpful in misty, foggy, and snowy conditions.

Pink and red lenses are very popular this season for both men and women.  They are great at enhancing visual depth, reducing eye strain, and providing clearer road visibility.  They are excellent for snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding and are also perfect for summer activities like cycling.

Whichever lens colour you choose, Spectacle is sure to have the perfect pair of shades for your lifestyle needs - no matter the season.

Monday, July 1

Happy Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day!  In celebration of the holiday, all Spectacle locations will be closed today - Monday, July 1st.  Enjoy the day and we'll see you Tuesday!