Tuesday, July 23

New Barton Perreira Sunglasses Have Arrived at Spectacle

Brand new Barton Perreira sunglasses are available now at Spectacle.  The new Summer 2013 pieces have unique names with interesting background stories.

The Burroughs in Gold Vintage Brown and Royal

The Burroughs is a new style to Spectacle.  Barton Perreira came up with the name based on the influential Beat Poet of the same title.  The sunglasses' classic round shape with bold lenses make it a stand-out piece of eyewear.

The Libertine in Rose Gold with Cinnabar Polarized lenses

Like The Burroughs, the Libertine also has a significant designation.  The style is called the Libertine inspired by Pete Doherty of the British rock band of the same name.  It is also inspired by The film The Libertine's main character - actor Johnny Depp.

The Libertine in Silver with Poison Ivy Polarized lenses

According to Barton Perreira, "the confident swagger of the Libertine will get you through your misadventures with a minimum of regret and the maximum panache!".  The Burroughs is available now at our Queen St. West boutique and the Libertine will be available soon at our new Distillery District shop!