Tuesday, July 2

The Spectacle Guide to Tinted Lenses

Did you know that the colour of your lenses can affect the performance of your daily activities?  It's best to inform yourself on which lenses are well suited for your needs prior to purchasing eyewear.  Don't worry - Spectacle is here to help with our guide to tinted lenses.

Green lenses have numerous benefits.  They help to transmit all colours evenly, dim glare, and brighten shadows. They are perfect lenses for all outdoor activity - rain or shine - and are the original choice of pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Amber / brown lenses help to improve contrast, even on cloudy days.  They are best for golf, tennis, high-altitude sports, boating, or any other activity where distance needs to be judged.

Blue, purple, and double gradient lenses are also a fashionable option.  They help to reduce glare, enhance contours, and improve colour perception.  These lenses are best for indoor and outdoor arenas and are especially helpful in misty, foggy, and snowy conditions.

Pink and red lenses are very popular this season for both men and women.  They are great at enhancing visual depth, reducing eye strain, and providing clearer road visibility.  They are excellent for snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding and are also perfect for summer activities like cycling.

Whichever lens colour you choose, Spectacle is sure to have the perfect pair of shades for your lifestyle needs - no matter the season.