Tuesday, August 27

Spectacle Client Profile on Phil Villeneuve

Phil in the centre wearing his current favourite eyewear - Garrett Leight Hampton S with Clip On

You may have seen Phil dancing around Toronto or on stage with Solange when she played here earlier this year. His YouTube dance videos have been mentioned by everyone from Ellen to Ke$ha and he's been a friend of Spectacle for years!

According to Phil, his dancing all started "one Christmas when I was totally broke and decided to make a video of me dancing in a park to 'Single Ladies'.  We filmed another and another and we just couldn't stop!  We only ever do it in one take and peoples' reactions are hilarious".  Phil also says that he gets some really touching responses from his videos - "people thank me for making them happy and that's why I love to do it!".

You can view all of Phil's dance moves on his personal channel here.  Thanks for the great videos Phil!