Tuesday, September 17

Sneakerheads Beware: Jon Buscemi Fall 2013 Collection

To the majority of you sneakerheads or ‘Hypebeast’ fanatics who only rock the hottest items in the game, you may be familiar with the footwear guru, Jon Buscemi who also rocks his buddy Garrett Leight’s “Harding” frames like a true trendsetter that he is!

As a native of the concrete jungle in New York City, Buscemi found inspiration during his time in the city of Angels in Los Angeles where he worked closely with streetwear and fashion labels including:  skateboard street brand, DC and Oliver Peoples’s streetwear line, Mosely Tribes. 

As New York Fashion Week wrapped up last week and London Fashion Week commenced this week, Buscemi’s first shoe collection is already SOLD OUT! But fret no more, you can still find them on his online shop.

For more upcoming sneak peaks and further developments, follow Jon Buscemi on instagram: #jonbuscemi.

Written by Christina Cheng, Freelance Journalist & Stylist at Spectacle