Friday, October 4

Nuit Blanche is Tomorrow & Spectacle Has a New Window Installation to Celebrate

The SUPER Sunglasses x Metropolis People model

Nuit Blanche, a massive art exhibit that takes over downtown Toronto for a night, is happening this Saturday.  To celebrate, Spectacle has our new artistic Metropolis themed window installation up now at our Queen St. West boutique in collaboration with RETROSUPUREFUTURE.

A part of the window installation

RETROSUPERFUTURE recently released a collection of Metropolis themed sunglasses that provided the inspiration behind our current window display.  Metropolis is a 1927 German science-fiction film directed by Fritz Lang set in a futuristic, urban dystopia.

According to RETROSUPUREFUTURE, the Metropolis collection "is all about the unspoiled beauty of the metropolis and raw metallic materials".  The entire collection is available now at our Queen St. West shop so stop by and take a look. Enjoy Nuit Blanche!