Tuesday, November 26

Theo's Gangster-Inspired Collection is Available at Spectacle!

The men behind the eyewear: Brasco, Corleone, Montana, and Ocean

In the words of Theo, "from real time crooks to silver screen gangsters: it's a small step".  Theo's latest gangster-inspired collection follows the 2011 acetate Capone, Bonnie and Clyde styles with the Brasco, Corleone, Montana, and Ocean.

The Brasco in Red

The Corleone in Black

The gangster collection is made entirely of titanium styles with a spring hinge.  The (Donnie) Brasco, (Don Vito) Carleone, (Tony) Montana, and (Danny) Ocean are as irrestible as their Hollywood counterparts.

The Montana in Elly Blue

The Ocean in Purple

Hurry in to Spectacle's Distillery District shop to pick up a pair of gangster eyewear for yourself or someone in the family!