Thursday, November 14

Tom Ryaboi captures the city one rooftop at a time

(Image: Tom Ryaboi)

Tom Ryaboi is taking photography and rooftopping to another level, and has been since 2007. From sneaking into downtown buildings and skyscrapers, to dangling off rooftops - Ryaboi found his passion and sense of thrill in photographing the city of Toronto from unexpected, abstract, risk-taking, dizzying angles. 

According to Toronto Life, "Rooftoppers are normal twenty-somethings by day, intrepid urban explorers by night," and in an interview with Ryaboi, he says: “I think what’s important to look at here... is how people […] are challenging the perception of usable space. […] They’re treating their urban environment as they should, a place full of wonder and adventure.”

Adventure is correct! The astonishing, breathtaking photos of the city on Ryaboi’s blog show the photographer and his friends striding along narrow railings, dangling off rooftops, clinging to scaffolding, and laying on the perimeter of ledges - all hundreds of metres above Toronto streets.

Written by Christina Cheng, Freelance Journalist & Stylist at Spectacle