Saturday, November 2

WMCFW: Winter made an early appearance at the TARGET Holiday show


TORONTO - Although many fashion show goers expected to see Spring/Summer ’14 designs, they were treated with an unexpected twist. The Target Holiday runway put the crowd in the Christmas spirit during Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week. The show was fun, engaging, lighthearted, and full of affordable fashion. Opting for a less serious runway face, the models smiled, laughed, skipped, joked, hopped, and sashayed down the catwalk as fake snow came down from the main screen with the classic “Jingle Bells” theme song. 

When Target landed on Canadian soil this summer, we knew we’d be in for a treat—their debut holiday show was nothing short of spectacular in showcasing pieces from home décor to cozy weekend wear and formal fashion.

The biggest applause was for supermodel Erin Wasson and the iconic Target bull terrier, who made a guest appearance at the end of the show.

Written by Christina Cheng, Freelance Journalist & Stylist at Spectacle
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