Thursday, November 28

Design Exchange Teams Up with Pharrell Williams for New Exhibit!

Grammy Award winning musician and fashion designer, Pharrell Williams, has joined forces with Toronto's Design Exchange to bring a new art project to the city in February 2014.  The exhibit, titled This Is Not a Toy, will feature vinyl designer toys which, it turns out, Williams is obsessed with.

An example of vinyl toys

The project will feature urban vinyl toys that "are not meant to be played with".  Instead, the installations challenge expectations and explore the line between commercialism and contemporary art.  It will feature works by KAWS, FriendsWithYou, and more.

For more information on this unique exhibit, you can visit the Design Exchange website and view the video below.

Tuesday, November 26

Theo's Gangster-Inspired Collection is Available at Spectacle!

The men behind the eyewear: Brasco, Corleone, Montana, and Ocean

In the words of Theo, "from real time crooks to silver screen gangsters: it's a small step".  Theo's latest gangster-inspired collection follows the 2011 acetate Capone, Bonnie and Clyde styles with the Brasco, Corleone, Montana, and Ocean.

The Brasco in Red

The Corleone in Black

The gangster collection is made entirely of titanium styles with a spring hinge.  The (Donnie) Brasco, (Don Vito) Carleone, (Tony) Montana, and (Danny) Ocean are as irrestible as their Hollywood counterparts.

The Montana in Elly Blue

The Ocean in Purple

Hurry in to Spectacle's Distillery District shop to pick up a pair of gangster eyewear for yourself or someone in the family!

Wednesday, November 20

Fritz Helder: Performer, Musician, Dancer, Artist, Spectacle Eyeglass Wearer

If you haven’t heard of the name Fritz Helder then you’ll definitely know who we’re talking about when you see him. Trust us, you can’t miss him! This eclectic individual is a performer, musician, dancer, artist and eyeglasses wearer— and we are proud to call him one of our clients.

In an interview with The Image Interview, Helder welcomes us to his ‘Electric Leisure Land Studios’ where all the magic happens.

According to Helder, a few words to live by while in the studio go as follows: “It ain’t got no groove… If it doesn’t make you move… The groove is everything.”

He also opens up to The Image Interview when he says, “I feel so blessed to have found *a place* (scratches out ‘a place’) in music where I can express myself freely— Travel the world and tell my stories.” … “I still remember the day I fell in love with music… I was 5-years-old…”

On a more ‘spiritual’ note, Helder adds, “Being on stage is like food, like flying; better than any high you can buy!”

His ultimate dream involves nothing but music related experiences, “It involves a hydraulic stage... and me slowly rising up onto the stage with laser lights / pyrotechnics / and thousands of screaming fans...

Aside from music, Helder has a new obsession with late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and finds inspiration from the work of Jean-Paul Goude and the piece he created with Grace Jones. He also adds that  “Sitting front row, beside Karl Lagerfeld at the Dior Homme fashion show in Paris" was his favourite moment of 2013.

What’s next for Mr. Fritz Helder? A big move to London in 2014! And on that note, on behalf of the Spectacle team, we hope he picks up a few more frames before he jets on the plane!

You can find Fritz on: www.fritzhelder.cominstagramtwitterfacebook 

Photography by Lisa Bang & Joel Yum.

Written by Christina Cheng, Freelance Journalist & Stylist at Spectacle 

Thursday, November 14

Tom Ryaboi captures the city one rooftop at a time

(Image: Tom Ryaboi)

Tom Ryaboi is taking photography and rooftopping to another level, and has been since 2007. From sneaking into downtown buildings and skyscrapers, to dangling off rooftops - Ryaboi found his passion and sense of thrill in photographing the city of Toronto from unexpected, abstract, risk-taking, dizzying angles. 

According to Toronto Life, "Rooftoppers are normal twenty-somethings by day, intrepid urban explorers by night," and in an interview with Ryaboi, he says: “I think what’s important to look at here... is how people […] are challenging the perception of usable space. […] They’re treating their urban environment as they should, a place full of wonder and adventure.”

Adventure is correct! The astonishing, breathtaking photos of the city on Ryaboi’s blog show the photographer and his friends striding along narrow railings, dangling off rooftops, clinging to scaffolding, and laying on the perimeter of ledges - all hundreds of metres above Toronto streets.

Written by Christina Cheng, Freelance Journalist & Stylist at Spectacle

Tuesday, November 12


On Sunday, November 10th, Barbie and Canadian Family magazine hosted an exclusive VIP Barbie Fairy Princess party. From ceiling to floor, the historic Casa Loma in Toronto was transformed into every little girl's dream castle.  From table cloths to glitter and sparkles; it was like waking up in a fairy tale.

Girls between the ages of three and nine were immediately transformed into a magical world with an all-access pass to meet Barbie herself and take part in exciting princess activities. These included everything from becoming a Fairy Princess just like Barbie by designing their very own fairy wings to attending a movie screening of the latest film, Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess. The children could then dine like a princess as they enjoyed an enchanted lunch.
Mattel representative, Alicia, says the Barbie event is motivating and encouraging due to Barbie's 130+ careers. It helps young girls realize that they are able to do and be anything they want - from a doctor to a veterinarian, or even an astronaut.

From the DJ rocking Barbie pop music and enchanting melodies, to servants serving sugar coated fruits, candies and popcorn on silver platters, the majestic event was a huge hit!

Written by Christina Cheng, Freelance Journalist & Stylist at Spectacle 
For more coverage click on Christina's blog.

Friday, November 8


Toronto Fashion Week: Pink Tartan Spring 2014. Image: Jenna Marie Wakani

Designer Kimberly Newport-Mimran, of Pink Tartan, gave us 60's glam for her spring/summer 2014 collection - the show held Day One of Toronto Fashion Week. Drawing inspiration from pop art, she was able to maintain her basic-pretty approach with a hint of retro chic and risky-sexy. Picture this: a femme fatal-esque woman, riding a fierce Vespa down the streets of London. Dream girl, right?

The runway show started off light, fresh and crisp as models walked down in white textured jacquard flared skirts, sheath dresses, and tailored blazers paired with above the knee shorts and capris. Classic pieces were punctuated with striking prints, such as: stripes, blocks, checkerboard patterns, oversized Marimekko-like florals, and zigzag diamond shapes.

This spring/summer 2014 line was ubiquitous with the demure, ladylike principal that has become a signature staple of the Pink Tartan brand, which encompassed ultra-feminine tiered dresses and pleated shirtdresses. 

Sassy, cheeky, classy and sexy all in a nutshell. Newport-Mimran hems a modern twist on a vintage inspired era. This collection definitely pushes the boundaries in the most simplistic, sexy way. Mr. Joe Fresh (Joseph Mimran) is one lucky man!

 Written by Christina Cheng, Freelance Journalist & Stylist at Spectacle

Wednesday, November 6

Courtney Love graces the cover of FASHION Magazine's Winter 2014 issue

FASHION  magazine's Winter 2014 issue features the iconic American musician, singer-songwriter, artist, actress, and author - Courtney Love - who graces the latest cover and looks better (and healthier) than ever!

FASHION's  features editor, Elio Iannacci was humbly invited to Love’s home in New York’s West Village to talk about her 30-year-plus career and her next batch of projects.

The extensive interview includes topics of: her bumpy road to being a style icon, sex advice from Mr. Karl Lagerfeld himself, her shaky relationship with Patti Smith, keeping her lovers anonymous in her upcoming autobiography, and her opinion on today's rock stars.  

For a sneak peek interview on her cover story, click here or visit FASHION magazine. Be on the look out for the full spread in the upcoming Winter 2014 issue which hits newsstands nationwide on November 11, 2013.

Written by Christina Cheng, Freelance Journalist & Stylist at Spectacle

Saturday, November 2

WMCFW: Winter made an early appearance at the TARGET Holiday show


TORONTO - Although many fashion show goers expected to see Spring/Summer ’14 designs, they were treated with an unexpected twist. The Target Holiday runway put the crowd in the Christmas spirit during Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week. The show was fun, engaging, lighthearted, and full of affordable fashion. Opting for a less serious runway face, the models smiled, laughed, skipped, joked, hopped, and sashayed down the catwalk as fake snow came down from the main screen with the classic “Jingle Bells” theme song. 

When Target landed on Canadian soil this summer, we knew we’d be in for a treat—their debut holiday show was nothing short of spectacular in showcasing pieces from home d├ęcor to cozy weekend wear and formal fashion.

The biggest applause was for supermodel Erin Wasson and the iconic Target bull terrier, who made a guest appearance at the end of the show.

Written by Christina Cheng, Freelance Journalist & Stylist at Spectacle
For more coverage check out Christina's blog here

Friday, November 1

Happy Birthday Oliver Goldsmith!

Today is eyewear designer Oliver Goldsmith's 71st birthday.  Oliver Goldsmith eyewear is an iconic brand and has been worn by everyone including the late Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, and Michael Caine.  The line has deep British roots and the styles are bold, colourful, and daring.

Vintage eyewear from the Oliver Goldsmith collection showcased during Claire Goldsmith's visit to Spectacle

New Oliver Goldsmith eyewear currently available at Spectacle - the Yatton

Vintage Oliver Goldsmith styles in Spectacle's collection - the Mask and Pyramid

Happy birthday to Oliver Goldsmith from everyone at Spectacle.  We currently house Oliver Goldsmith eyewear at all 3 Spectacle locations, so come by this weekend and take a look!