Tuesday, April 22

Earth Day Fashion at Spectacle Made of All Natural Materials

Today is Earth Day, and you can use that to make a fashion statement with natural eyewear!  Spectacle carries a variety of brands that use natural materials, however none take this task as far as ROLF Spectacles.

ROLF logo engraved into the wooden temple

ROLF eyewear is made entirely of wood or stone - even the hinges contain no screws or metal.  All of ROLF's models are designed and built in Austria with careful, unparalleled attention to detail and through using only the finest materials available.

ROLF Camaro

Gold & Wood is another brand housed at Spectacle which proudly uses natural materials as well.  Gold & Wood handcrafts fine eyewear using items such as wood and gold to achieve high quality, fashionable pieces.

Gold & Wood H25P

Gold & Wood's philosophy is a simple one.  According to their website, "by taking the time to hand craft the world's most elegant eyepieces, made from the most exquisite natural materials, Gold & Wood strives to bring its owner back in touch with the magical world that surrounds us".

Gold & Wood H31P

If you're interested in natural eyewear choices, ROLF Spectacles and Gold & Wood are both available now at Spectacle.  Happy Earth Day!