Tuesday, April 15

Spectacle Presents: The ic! berlin x Boombox Project Collaboration

Spectacle is excited to announce a brand new collaboration for ic! berlin.  The Boombox X and Boombox Noize, both found at Spectacle's Queen St. location, were designed by Australian graphic artist Peter White - also referred to as Bywhite.

The Boombox X Model

The Boombox Noize

Bywhite designed the two sunglasses for ic! berlin after being inspired by Lyle Owerko's The Boombox Project book and art photography.  Pieces of Owerko's work are displayed worldwide - in Canada, you can check it out at Montreal's Galorie LeRoyer.

Some of Owerko's work

The sunglasses are mirrored and are sure to make you stand out in a crowd!  Both eyewear models are available now at Spectacle so come by and check them out soon.