Saturday, June 14

Spectacle's Annual SUMMER SALE Kicks Off This Weekend!

Spectacle's Summer Sale is starting this weekend on Saturday, June 14th!  Come by any of our three locations for deals on both sunglasses and eyeglasses with discounts of up to 50% off!

See you soon!

Wednesday, June 4

Brand New 3D Printed ic! berlin Shades with Frozen Lens Technology are Available Now EXCLUSIVELY at Spectacle!

ic! berlin has recently released a collection of three plotic! sunglasses with exclusive new frozen mirrored lenses: frozen green, frozen gold, and frozen blue.  ic! berlin is the first manufacturer to launch the lenses, and they are available exclusively at Spectacle!

Two of the three new models with our customized temple engraving

The frames themselves are also 3D printed - a new technology to ic! berlin.  "We've mastered steel, we've mastered acetate, now the next frontier - ic! berlin presents plotic! - 3D eyewear by Selective Laser Sintering". Plotic! is extremely light, strong, flexible, and, because there is no material waste from the manufacturing process, very environmentally friendly!  Unlike competition 3D printed eyewear, plotic! is a thermoplastic print so can be fitted and adjusted just like traditional shell frames. 

A close-up of the lenses show their frozen, foggy appearance

The target demographic of the eyewear is a tech-savvy, luxury, first-generation adopter.  Stop by Spectacle to check out this new unique, exclusive eyewear technology from ic! berlin soon!