Friday, July 18

Vinylize Eyewear is Available Now at Spectacle!

Vinylize eyewear is now available at Spectacle!  All handmade in Hungary, Vinylize is made using real records and each model is unique in design and pattern.  The concept of Vinylize arose when the founders decided to make eyewear out of recycled materials, and thought using old records would produce interesting styles.

Vinyl cutout

The Corbus

The Ella

The music theme runs through all aspects of the branding including the case - which is designed to mimic a record as well.  The grooves from the old records can still be felt on the frames and are an integral part of the design.  Each of the models are bold and come in a range of shapes.

The Gil

The Mili

The project of Vinylize reminds us to recycle, reuse, and conserve.  The collection is available now at our Queen St. West boutique, so be sure to check it out soon!