Friday, November 14

New Orgreen Eyewear Available Now at Spectacle!

Spectacle has received a brand new shipment of Orgreen eyewear!  Orgreen is a leading eyewear company, known for their inventive approach to design and handcrafted titanium styles.  Every Orgreen model is handmade to ensure even the smallest details are perfected on each piece.

A photo timeline showing the work that goes into each Orgreen model

The new collection includes striking shapes and a range of unique colourways.  Each model has a story behind its name and inspiration as well.

The Drax, named after James Bond's arch-enemy in Moonraker, embodies
a self-assurance that is "utterly unapologetic"

The Observer, a vintage style with big, round lenses,
is a unisex model that is especially appealing for women 

Tilda is inspired by the Oscar-winning British actress, Tilda Swinton, known for her edgy, androgynous appeal

The Visionaire model is designed to appear as though the lenses are floating in air -
it is a contemporary take on the "pince-nez", a classic lunette popular in the 19th century

These and more brand new Orgreen styles are available now at Spectacle!