Tuesday, November 24

Spectacle Attends Saks Canada x Shantell Martin Event

Last night Spectacle's Founder, Jag Dhillon, was invited to attend a special Saks Canada event in partnership with celebrated visual artist Shantell Martin.  The entire event, dress code included, was in black and white decor to fit the theme of Shantell's unique work.

Lissa Monet was the DJ for the evening

Artist Shantell Martin is originally from Britain, and now both works and resides mainly in New York City.  Martin uses her simple trademark - black ink and white surfaces - to transform everything from walls, found objects, ceramics, and luxury goods into a visual narrative.  Martin has worked to create her own world that bridges fine art, commercial, and the everyday experience - conversation, objects, and places using her part autobiographical, part dreamlike whimsy styling.

Thanks to Shantell Martin for showcasing her work, as well as Saks Canada for hosting such a great event.

For more on Shantell Martin, or to keep up with her exhibits, check out her Instagram here.